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Film/Corporate Video Reel

Community Trust Bank (30 sec.  Spot)

Tom Holliday Demo Reel

Running Time: 2:01 Mins.

Color / Sound 

This is a compilation of my work in independent film along with a sampling of the corporate videos I have been involved in. 

Community Trust Bank TV Spot

Running Time:  0:31 Mins.

Color / Sound 

This is a broadcast commercial done for Community Trust Bank of Charleston, WV. (Courtesy: Image Associates, LLC)


"The $5,000 Challenge" Clip

Running Time:  1:20 

Color / Sound 

This video introduced the titled stage play. NOTE: This is a FICTIONAL TV ad. It is NOT a real ad and this person does not exist!

Independent Films

"Blackjack" Teaser

Running Time:  1:16 Mins. 

Color / Sound 

A teaser clip of an upcoming short film (Release: Fall 2022)

Courtesy: Tyler Scott Films

Virtual/Streaming Theatre

"Wrong When Decided" Clip

Running Time:  0:49 Sec.

Color / Sound 

A brief clip of a virtual theatre production produced by Evolution Theatre in May 2020

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