In The Media​

Sticks & Stones -- "Tom Holliday, in a terrific performance, appears as a judge to explain the grounds for defamation..." Columbus Underground 

The Final Table -- "Tom Holliday earns chuckles and sympathy as Ohio’s own Harding, who is nicer than his scandal-plagued reputation suggests..." The Columbus Dispatch 


What the Butler Saw -- "Tom Holliday plays a suburban London bobby, with just the right balance of plodding duty and polite deference to authority. His Sgt. Match has some hilarious moments and a bravura final save-the-day re-entrance and Holliday makes the most of them."  The Columbus Dispatch 

The Shorts Festival 2004 -- "Holliday excels as a fuddy-duddy in several of the shorts; his comic timing is outstanding." The Columbus Dispatch 

All in the Timing -- "The finale, The Universal Language, is a genuine love story portrayed with amazing dexterity and emotional honesty by Holliday..." The Columbus Dispatch