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In The Media​

Sticks & Stones -- "Tom Holliday, in a terrific performance, appears as a judge to explain the grounds for defamation..." Columbus Underground 

The Final Table -- "Tom Holliday earns chuckles and sympathy as Ohio’s own Harding, who is nicer than his scandal-plagued reputation suggests..." The Columbus Dispatch 


What the Butler Saw -- "Tom Holliday plays a suburban London bobby, with just the right balance of plodding duty and polite deference to authority. His Sgt. Match has some hilarious moments and a bravura final save-the-day re-entrance and Holliday makes the most of them."  The Columbus Dispatch 

The Shorts Festival 2004 -- "Holliday excels as a fuddy-duddy in several of the shorts; his comic timing is outstanding." The Columbus Dispatch 

All in the Timing -- "The finale, The Universal Language, is a genuine love story portrayed with amazing dexterity and emotional honesty by Holliday..." The Columbus Dispatch

Voice of the Net -- " doubling also enhances that chilling mood, Holliday uses a similar “Let’s be reasonable” tone as Kelsick and, under a mask as Agamemnon, which reinforces that the people we desperately want to call outliers or lone wolves are born and bathed in the same currents of dissatisfaction and entitlement as the people we paint as aspirational."  Columbus Underground

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